Preparing For Your First Massage

If you’re new to massage, you may wonder how you can prepare for it and what to expect. It’s normal to feel nervous before a massage, especially if you’ve never had one before.

Before the Massage

The first step is to make sure the timing of your massage still works. If you’re ill, have a fever, any irritations to the skin or even trying to stabilize medication, it’s encouraged that you reschedule the visit. In the days leading up to the massage be sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Lastly, try not to eat or have a light snack just before your massage.

Clean Bill of Health

Before your massage, your massage therapist will briefly review your health history and will ask you some questions. This is because massage can affect many systems in the body such as the nervous system and even the cardiovascular system. It’s important to also let your massage therapist know about any prescriptions you are taking, like blood pressure medication. This review of your health can help the massage therapist determine if you are qualified or not to receive the massage or avoid any specific techniques.

Stay Hydrated

After the massage has finished, it’s important to keep hydrated. A massage can be dehydrating. The kneading of the muscles actually gets the fluid pumping and heading toward the kidneys. Drinking water after a massage and staying hydrated can replenish these fluids. Another benefit of drinking enough water after a massage, it can help flush out the toxins and prevent being sore the next day.

For your first massage, it’s important not to tense up but just relax and remember to breathe. If the massage therapist is not applying the correct pressure, be sure to speak up. A massage can release the tension in sore muscles and helps you feel relaxed and refreshed all at once. Contact a LaVida Massage near you today to get started.  

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